Can you afford to lose your best people right now?

19+ Millions Workers left their Job Last Year. Here are the Top 5 Reasons Why:

1_Pay is too low

2_No opportunity for advancement

3_Felt disrespected

4_No flexibility

5_Poor benefits

Want some good news?

We figured out the new mandatory business skill for owners like you...

How to keep your key people from quitting


How to attract A-Players from other businesses

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Attracting & Retaining A-Players with Our RTR System


  • New ways for developing candidates
  • 4-step process to identify, find & screen the exact person you need


  • CareerNavigator which outlines for employees a path to grow & stay with your company
  • Resource portal for self study at your own pace


  • Unique Benefits+ Plan that your competition doesn't offer
  • Offers perks that big companies can't touch without increasing your expenses

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A-Players Allow you to:

  • Delegate with confidence
  • Focus on activities that only you can do
  • Drive sales so you can stay cash flow positive
  • Take time off for vacations, family and hobbies without the business slowing down
  • Reach economic independence
  • Increase the valuation of the company

Reflection on Your Culture

Does Your Organization:

  • provide a place for people to grow?
  • empower employees to create?
  • reward employees for production?
  • incentivize them to create?
  • promote that their sense of contribution is helping the business win?

Reflection on Your Compensation

Does Your Organization:

  • provide a package that will actually attract A-Players?
  • think creatively on how to differentiate from your competitor's comp plan?
  • realize that people don't just want $$$ to produce their best?

Ready to end the hiring/firing cul-de-sac of frustration?